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Gaynor Webb with her first ever trout on the fly



John Peers with a fine brace of trout


Jack Mellor with a 6lbs 11oz rainbow


Paul Offley's nice trout - around the 8 lb mark


Jacob Adams with his first rainbow trout


A fine 4lb 8oz American brook trout


Paul Crabbe from Tarvin with an 8lb 4oz rainbow trout



A nice 4lbs 8oz brown trout caught by Stephen Page on a red lure


Ian Taylor with a 7lbs 8oz rainbow caught on a Bloodworm


John Service with his 5lb 8oz brown trout



Mike Evanson with a splendid 9lb 8oz rainbow trout



Cheshire angler, Jeff Palfreyman, with a 7lb 10oz Rainbow caught on a Daddylonglegs


Chester angler, Billy Spencer, with a 9lb 6oz rainbow trout caught on
a Daddy Long Legs


Paul Crabbe with his superb 11lb 3oz Rainbow Trout


Nathan (the Singing Waiter!) and his 2013Troutmaster winning brace.

1 x Brown Trout 6.3lb and 1 x Blue 3.1lb  

David Kell with his FIRST EVER FLY caught fish!

He also went on to get a further 5!!


Gareth's 10lb Rainbow

Sam Stratton from Bruera, Chester - First time fly fishing and a 20lb fish!

John Peers with his 14.6lb Rainbow!

Troutmaster fish-off winner (2012) Lynda Factor with her 14.8lb winning fish




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